GB No. 12, winter 1994

of the Embryonic Society
of the "Down with the Mind" Worldwide Movement

We, the Embryonic People of all Races and Sexes, make the following declarations:

  1. Being fully conscious that our ideas are in obvious contradiction with the Message of the Bible and Biology, we declare that it is a self-evident truth that all men are created equal. We thus claim that Cain is equal to Abel, an idiot is equal to a genius, and a common gangster has the same rights as a saint. Moreover, in agreement with the teachings of the New Catholic Church, we declare that the human embryo has the same rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as an adult man. In short, we confirm that our Decalogue-based code of ethics is built upon the self-evident truth that A FERTILIZED EGG IS EQUAL TO AN ADULT BEING. This is our New, Radiant Thought, which enlightens all our strivings and actions.
  2. We declare that our God, the Creator of Equality, has provided us -- in contrast to other mindless animals -- with the natural rights to live in safety, to be free, and to be happy. We intend to execute these divine rights at the cognitive level of an innocent child, or even at the level of an undifferentiated embryo. We have the right to do this, for it is a trivial truth that every adult was once in the embryonic state of his personality. Moreover, it is his own fault that he has abandoned -- against the Will of the Creator of Equality -- this truly human state of primordial idiocy and security.
  3. In order to enforce the divine laws of the infantilized, Embryonic Man, we intend to reproduce on the Earth conditions of safety and happiness similar to those existing in the womb: we will cover the earth with climatized structures which will protect us from the intemperances of the weather; we will provide the People with an endless supply of food and clothing, and we will organize our Society in such a way that nobody will dare to force others to perform a cognitive act which might draw them away from their blessed embryonic state of continuous self-satisfaction.
  4. We declare that in order to realize this grandiose plan of permanent infantilization, our God, the Creator of Equality, has provided us with the right to exploit, as far as our desires take us, all the richnesses of the Earth. We also have the right to exterminate, or to imprison in appropriate cages or reserves, all other species -- including Homo sapiens who might endanger our aggressive project of total domestication and infantilization.
  5. We declare that the Embryonic Society has the right to organize itself into politico-economic bands called parties, mafias, and corporations. In order to ease the "economic development" activities of these bands, it will be necessary to destroy (or to transform in an appropriate way) all oppressive ideologies, schools, and churches -- for these organisations have until now stimulated desires and actions different from our plebeian drive for comfort, safety, and happiness.
  6. We thus declare that Enemy Number 1 of the People are followers of Karl Marx, whose programme has effectively limited the production of divine objects such as cars or videos, which give people the feeling of freedom, happiness, and domination.
  7. We declare that Enemy Number 2 of the People are followers of Socrates, whose teachings have in the past undermined the idiotic, childish enchantment with democracy and equality.
  8. We declare that Enemy Number 3 of the People are the sincere followers of Christ. This son of a bitch has managed to lure people for nearly two thousand years, claiming that one might find happiness eventually only after one's death, and that one should care neither for food nor for clothing, nor even for one's own family.
  9. We also intend to liberate Mankind from the merciless schoolmasters, who spoil our youth by teaching them that one cannot jump over one's shadow, that two plus two equals four, and that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. Students of our schools, instead of learning dull logic, mathematics, and physics, will play joyous computer games and learn about Mickey Mouse adventures.
  10. In short, after liberation from our hospital oppressors and enemies, We, the World Society of Undifferentiated Human Embryos, intend "to multiply and to dominate the earth" -- as our Founding Fathers wrote on the first page of the Holy Bible thousands of years ago, and as our Holy Father has repeated once again at the end of the twentieth century. We thus intend to behave as an aggressively growing, human planetary cancer. And this is our ultimate goal, given to us by our Natural God, Creator of Equality, whom the ancient Jews called JEALOUSY.

Elaborated in 1993 by the Committee for Dis-Americanization and Recerebralization of the Culture. Thesis drawn from the "Declaration of Independence of North America" of 1776, the Bible of the Fifth Century BC, and the papal encyclical "Laborem exercens" of 1981.

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