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STOP the Under-ground Parking Project

Save Plac Na Groblach!

Save Our Neighborhood from Becoming a Traffic Congested, Noisy, Highly-Polluted, Sink-Hole!

STOP the Under-ground Parking Project

City officials are trying the strong-arm tactics reminiscent of the machinations of former regimes, where those who made the decisions acted without the participation or permission of the people they supposed to serve! The President of Krakow City Hall are trying to push down our throats a project that even the European Parliament on environmental protection says will increase not decrease traffic congestion in our Beloved City! What Nonsense!

Some Major Points of Concern

  1. Did City Officials consult any of the residents or business of Place Na Groblach about the parking plan? Were local residents or experts invited to contribute their input to the plan? -----------NO!

  2. Were Public Hearings held where pro and con voices were heard? ----------- NO!

  3. Was a copy of the planned project ever sent to ANYONE directly affected by the project? -----------NO!

  4. Was a Comprehensive Environmental Report ever sent to residents and businesses in the area? -----------NO!

  5. Was one ever published in the newspaper? -----------NOT THAT WE KNOW OF!

  6. If the project goes through, will the residents and users of Plac Na Groblach, be subjected to a 600-FOLD increase in traffic congestion, noise, and pollution? -----------YES! More than any other quiet residential street area in Krakow!

  7. Is there a good possibility that the immediate areas surrounding the Plac may become geologically unstable due to the excavation of nearly 239,000 tons of earth which is known to have a significant amount of clay soil which is difficult to compact and stabilize--; and where the underground garage will be far below the adjacent river bed and high water table? -------------------------YES, A VERY GRAVE POSSIBILITY!

  8. Could this result in future City liability from the destruction or damage of homes surrounding the Plac? ------------ YOU BET!
    [Note: This project is being built in a flood plain, and the soil problems have not been satisfactorily addressed by experts, both pro and con.]

  9. Will the young people and those who use the park in the Plac be subjected to toxic concentrations of unsafe automobile exhaust? --------------YES!

  10. Will the park-like setting of this neighborhood be destroyed forever and numerous age-old, irreplaceable, trees be cut down - only to be replaced by a concrete bunker? ------------YES!


To the President of Krakow
City Hall

We the undersigned protest the building of an underground parking garage under Plac Na Groblach, and ask that the proposed project be immediately withdrawn, and we be informed of this action.

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