GB No. 1, autumn 1989


Usually exploitation of alternative sources of energy (solar energy, wind, biogas, waves, sea inflow- outflow) is bound up with very high costs. But there is an exception. Solar box cookers are even cheaper then camp- fires, moreover they are fully environment friendly.

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To make your own cooker which cooks 10-15 lbs. (4.5- 7 kg) of food on sunny days you will need:

If you have all needed materials you can start to build your solar box coker. Please remember to glue foil thoroughly to toppers and reflector flap to withstand wear and tear, using a mix of half glue and half water. On other pieces, foil can be just wrapped, taped, or spot-glued. Put shiny side out, and overlap foil edges slightly.

Now carry out following instructions:

There are many ways to insulate the sides. Crumpling newspaper is one way; a little crumpled newspaper with four foiled insulator pieces (one on each side) is even better. The bottom of each insulator piece is against outside box, and the top is against inner box, with crumpled newspaper in the spaces. Other clean, dry materials may be used, such as wool, straw, rice hulls.

For hotter box add foiled layers. While cooking, a well-insulated cooker should not feel hot on the outside, exept the glass.

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If your cooker is ready please read some tips before you start to cook.

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Some people paint the outside box if it is cardbord, or cover it with contact paper to protect it. Cardboard solar box cookers have been known to last ten years and more. As long as any holes are sealed and you from time to time patch torn places in the aluminum foil your cooker should serve you for many years.

Solar box cooking has been used regularly for over ten years in several parts of the world, and new uses are still being discovered. Try everything, and let the Solar Box Cookers International know what you learn so that they can share new discoveries with others around the world. Please tell them problems you encounter and how you solved them if you did, so they can share that knowledge. You can help to spread information about that way of cooking to millions of people in sunrich parts of the world who now spend countless hours gathering scarce wood for cooking fuel.

The solar box cooker
Fig. 1. The solar box cooker:
1 - foiledref lector, 2 - glass window, 3 - lid, 4 - insulation.

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