GB No. 1, autumn 1989

Dear Readers,

You hold in your hands the first issue of the English version of "GREEN BRIGADES - Environmental Protectors Paper". We want it to be a joint publication of Polish environmental organizations/ movements and foreign ones which want to cooperate with them. It is going to be a forum for all groups or movements irrespectively of their political or religious views.

Everyone interested in the problems of Polish environment or/and East-West cooperation is invited to contact the office of "GREEN BRIGADES". If you have any information that might be of general interest, please write or send us a copy. Please send us your suggestions and opinions about the magazine, too.

The first English edition of the magazine was based on the issues no 1-3 of Polish original ("ZIELONE BRYGADY - Pismo Obrońców ¦rodowiska"). We are going to publish "GREEN BRIGADES" quarterly, every third issue of "ZIELONE BRYGADY".

The magazine will be distributed free, so we would be very thankful for any help (e.g. paper), donation or/and suggestions how to increase our funds.

Editorial Staff

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