GB No. 1, autumn 1989


Because the Solidarity Movement was practically uninterested in the second round of the election to the Polish Parliament, the members of the Green's Federation (Kraków) decided to show in public (using posters) against whom they are. The Greens informed which candidates they foud dangerous for the environment. The leaders of the fast developing technocratic lobby, misters Biernacki, Gajewicz, Gajda, Kotwica i Szkutnik were among them.

The campaign of these managers was full of black humour. They introduced and advertised themselves as the ecologists. Some of them coverred the city with their pictures with the Pope in the background (notwith - standing their membership of Polish United Workers Party - PZPR). Some of them attended the meetings with their electorate equipped with cafe-umbrellas with signs "Solidarity". Moreover thay gave away medicines one-use hypodermic syringes (they are in great demand) and ballpens.

Some hours after the posters of Greens had apeared, the fly-sheet with the counterfeited signs and graphic emblems of the Greens' Federation were spread throughout Kraków. They appealed to the electorate to cross out the rivals of the technocrars, calling them stalinists. The nomenclature's fight for the rest of fast disapearing power must have reached the high level of paranoia if its representatives had to use the influence and authority of the independent ecological groups and counterfeit their fly-sheets.

Grzegorz Peszko
The Greens' Federation, Kraków

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