GB No. 1, autumn 1989


Naukowe Koło Chemików UJ (Chemists' Scientific Club of the Jagiellonian University) acting in consultation with members of other environmental organizations and movements (the Green Federation, Freedom and Peace Movement, "I prefer to be" Movement, the Workshop for All Beings, Student Scientific Clubs) has decided to open in the autumn (this year) the Environmental Contact Office. The aims of ECO will be faciliattion of the exchange of information among environmental groups and supporting their activities (in cooperation with home and foreign founda tions).

The above aims will be realized by:

The office and his equipment (computer, copier, fax etc.) will be accessible to all environmentalists.

Please send us your remarks on proposed program. We ask all fundations declaring support of environmental activities to help us.

Wojciech Nitek
Krzysztof Kalarus
Piotr Rymarowicz
Staszek Zubek
Andrzej Żwawa

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