GB No. 1, autumn 1989


On March 10th 1989 the agreement of the so called "little table" for ecology matters was signed (it was a part of agreements signed at the Round Table). The volume of the agreement does not allow to publish the whole text of it but it is worth mentioning the points which dead-line is past or just approaches;

* Point 4 forsees the immediate deliveries of imported and certificated milk powder sold at reduced prices after showing so called health-card of a child to feed ALL babies.

The dead-line: VI.1989

The GUIGOZ milk appeared in shops, but:

* Point 15 forsees cataloguing resour- ces and qualities of environment and widening the rights of nature's conservators. The dead-line: IX.1989

* Point 17 forsees that the Ministery of Environmental Protection shall introduce the legal responsibility of preparing opinions about influence of investments upon the environment. The ministery shall publish the proper instructions for investors.

The dead-line: IV.1989

* Point 22 forsees creating of Social System of Environmental Protection and electing Social Protectors of Environment in works, towns and communities who will have all rights to control.

The dead-line:VII.1989

WHERE ARE THESE PROTECTORS ?! - we ask. We demand to choose them immediately in accordance with the signed agreement.

* According to point 25 the investor of the dam in Czorsztyn should charge Eko-Projekt (Eco-Project) with making program of saving natural environment to be threatened by this investment.

The dead-line VII.1989

I cannot understand what purpose the signatories of this agreement wanted to gain. Everybody understands that the only way to save the nature of the Pieniny Mountains is cessation of building the dam and filling up the huge concrete construction which already exists with earth. With time the terrain will be covered by woods and only some monuments destroyed during the building will be the evidence of the authorities' stupidi- ty. This way the endemic fauna and flora will not be destroyed by chan- 0ging climate, the relics of the past covered by water, medieval castels put in danger. Certainly they are more valuable than small, 90 MW powerplant.

On 25th July the members of Naukowe Koło Chemików UJ and Freedom and Peace Movement began action against the dam. They picketed endangered castle in Niedzica (500 meters from the dam), demonstrated along the roads leading to the dam and spoke to the people living at the dam. They started to collect signatures below the petition to the goverment to stop construction works.

The article of our friend to the daily of "Solidarity" was badly cut down. All information about our action against the dam was ignored. The Eco-Project has not received the order to make the program. The investor still builds. Both sides of the Round Table's agreement are in the government now. Will we force them to realize the agreement ???

* According the point 26 the persons who express their opinion and take part in actions to protect environment in social interest will not be prosecuted any more.


* According to point 28 the government shall successively inform about the realization of taken decissions and accepted settlements.

One half of the year has gone and we are still waiting.


Piotr Rymarowicz

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