GB No. 1, autumn 1989


The letter of Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources sent to heads of provincial administration and presidents of towns from 28th June 1988 forbids to sign international transactions concerning storing the wastes in Poland. According to minister such transactions are contradictory to the interests of our country.

The metallurgic waste was delivered in barges from West Germany to the port of Szczecin:

This "ware" is imported by Foreign Trade Enterprise "Stalexport" Katowice in the framework of the conttract valid till 31st June 1990. It is assigned for fulfilling exploited coal -mines.

20 thousand tons more will have been delivered to Poland before the end of the current year. This waste resembles black stinking lubricant, very heavy and stinking.

Ryszard Radke
Kołątaja 30/8, 71 525 Szczecin

We ask our green friends from FRG to help to find the exporter of the waste and stop this dirty business.


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