GB No. 1, autumn 1989


Air, water and land pollution is harmful to animal, plant and human life. Acid rain is a transboundary problem. The first place among primary pollutants take power stations, foundries and coking plants.

One of the biggest coking plants is just being build in the middle of Europe in a small town Stonawa in Czechoslovakia, 2 km from the Polish border.

Forests throughout Europe have been affected and in the south of Poland the percentage of trees damaged by pollution rose to 85%. Stonawa is also situated in the center of the Beskiden Mountains (part of the Carpathians) - an area of ecological catastrophe. The story will be the same all over Europe soon. Please help us in the global direct action against human ignorance and join in international action on October 5, 1989 in front of Czechoslovakian embassies, consulates and agencies!

Lets make it a day of international solidarity with the life on the Earth!


In the saddle of the Moravian Gate, 2 km from the Polish border, 8 km from the town Cieszyn, violating international law.


2.4 mln tons of coke yearly in two batte- ries 7 m high. 180 charging chambers.


80% of emitted SO, NOx, CO, HS, dusts and benzo-a-piren will affect Polish forests (mainly of the Beskiden Mountains), a big water reservoir for Silesia and the southern agglomeration.


Already photos from the Landsat 1 satellite show an enormous stream of pollution from Czech and Polish foundries and coking plants flooding the Beskiden Mountains. Mountain forests above 1000 m above sea level are dead. Right now the Czechs themselves revealed the following emission figures in this region: SO2 1-176 000 tons per year, NOx 1-43 000 tpy, ashes -102 000 tpy. The new coking plant will kill all coniferous trees till 2002, and the lack of the place to build a sewage processing plant (80 hectares are needed) will result in the daily emission into the Odra river of 12 000 cubic meters of highly toxic sewage.

1000 people participated in the protest in Cieszyn on May 19, 1989. There will be more of us on the 5th of October. JOIN US !!!

Workshop for All Beings
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Magi 21/3
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