GB No. 1, autumn 1989

(the third time)

The Toad Action Group (Varangy Akciosoport) of the Nature Conservation Club of University Eotvos, Budapest began its activity in spring in 1987. Its objectives were three-fold. It aimed to be involved in amphibian conservation, to do scientific work and to conduct environmental education. Its main activity is the organization of spring camps at sites, where either road traffic or human brutality threatens amphibians.

In 1989 Toad Action Group organized an international camp as well, as an NGO without any financial assistance. The camp was organized to protect amphibians, do scientific work and have a small conference. Participants arrived from five countries; Czechoslovakia, GDR, the Netherlands, UK and of course from Hungary. In eight days nearly 2,500 amphibians belonging to 9 species were helped from one side of an international road with heavy traffic to the other to avoid road crashes. Besides Hungarian experts scientific investigations were led by Dr Chris J. Reading from the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, UK. From among the participants Dr Reading, Juuk Slager (the Netherlands), Richard Lhotsky (CS) and Csapó Beatrix (Hungary) gave talks on amphibians, European green movements, actions and nature reserves.

For more details, or if you want to participate next year write to:

Puky Miklós
Hungarian Danube Research Station
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
H-2131 God Jsvorka S. u. 14.

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