GB No. 12, winter 1994


I would like to invite all the readers of Green Brigades who have access to wide area computer networks (like Internet, Bitnet, FIDO, and GreenNet) to join the newly created discussion list GREENSPL. GREENSPL aims to facilitate discussion about Polish greens. The list is open to all who wish to explore the Polish green movement. Students, faculty, those involved in university outreach, and those involved in environmental projects are welcome. The sharing of relevant information, personal experiences, and activity announcements from distant locations are very appropriate and welcome. The discussion will be held in Polish, but postings in English are also welcome.

The list will also serve as an information source for the editors of Zielone Brygady, the Polish environmental monthly, and Green Brigades, the English quarterly.

The Zielone Brygady internet address is NKCH@TRURL.CH.UJ.EDU.PL.

To subscribe to the GREENSPL discussion list, send an e-mail message to the following internet address:


In the body of the message type:

SUB GREENSPL firstname lastname

In case of any trouble please notify me, the list owner, at the following internet address:


Hope to meet you in cyberspace.

Piotr Wiench

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