GB No. 12, winter 1994


How would you like to correspond with some Polish authors? The Environmental Media Club of Ostro3eka, Poland, invites all people interested in literature, art, and philosophy to cooperate with the Club. For now, correspondence is the basic form of introducing new friends to the club, but in the near future, the club intends to organize meetings, rallies, drama performances, shows, and poetry evenings. You will have the opportunity to attend as an actor or a spectator.

The principal aim of the club's activity is to exchange personal views and interests and, of course, to make new acquaintances. Such an environment may provide an opportunity for you to develop your personality by means of CREATIVITY.

Everyone who wishes to become a member of the club shall be accepted. The club does not specify any kind of initial requirements like the age of the member or some artistic portfolio.

The club periodically issues its own paper, in which the artistic output (poetry, fiction, essays, graphics, etc.) of the club members is published. The paper also includes some items of information concerning our members, particularly the introduction of their activities. Members are given total freedom in presenting themselves. A photo could be a nice addition to the introductory note.

All personal data are kept for the club's information; a member may use his or her name only, or in the case that a pen name is used, the club designates a special code number for the person who wishes to remain anonymous.

The incoming materials are subject to the paper's space availability, but all announcements shall be presented in each issue of the paper. The members of the club shall also vote for the best works and for the publication of them in book form. The winners shall be awarded with the publication of books under their own name or shall be included in an anthology. The paper cannot afford to pay any royalty to the authors.

For further information write to

Environmental Media Club
P.O. Box 6, 07-400 Ostrołęka 1, POLAND

All further information is sent by the club GRATIS!

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