GB No. 12, winter 1994


Dear Readers,

We must apologize you for a long delay in publication of this issue of "Green Brigade".

There are two main reasons for this delay:

  1. We did not received promissed donation from the Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection because of its reorganization forced by new law regulations. (Lately we received the donation from the National Fund for Environmental Protection.)
  2. Our PeaceCorps volunteer had to go back to USA because of health problems.

We hope that the contents of the magazine will dompensate the delay in receiving it. We guarantee that all our subscribers will get previously paid number of ussues.

We are still looking for people to distribute English and Polish versions of our paper. (Please contact editorial staff.) We wellcome advertisements of ecological products. We wish to exchange ads with other alternative publications (see below).

We also have a request to our German cooperators: <>Several days ago we received materials from the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation. Following this information we can apply for a donation from them. But one of the conditions is that the project must be realized in cooperation with some institution(s) in Germany. Because of our previous contact, we would like to ask you for help. We will be very thankful if you send a letter (in German) to the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation, including some information about our past and present contact and future cooperation. Please send us a copy of your letter.

The address of the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation is:
ul. Krucza 36
(48-2) 6253418

Attention All Editors!
Publish the following advertisement and we will publish yours in exchange.
advertisement GREEN BRIGADES

advertisement NEW RENAISSANCE

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