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I do not know whether politicians and experts who took part in making the decision to rebuild the aerial mast in G±bin (to be precise - in Konstantynów near G±bin) took into account the pre-war research on harmful effects of the radio transmitter in Raszyn. Information about the research was given by Dr Tadeusz Borkowski in a letter to the editor of Gazeta Polska. Let's read it.

Before the Second World War extensive and thorough research was conducted by Dr Stefan Manczarski, a professor in Politechnika Warszawska and Polish Academv of Sciences and an eminent Polish radio engineer, biophysicist and humanist. The research included among other things, analysing the impact of the electromagnetic field, which was generated by the long-wave radio transmitter aerial in Raszyn upon rural inhabitants in the neighbourhood. The research indicated that the impact had been causing a number of pathological effects in organisms of people who had been examined. Astonishingly, the percentage of births of new-born female babies was incredible high when considering normal conditions in which they were born. According to Professor Manczarski, male ernbryos were less resistant to the invasion of electromagnetic field. It. should be remembered that the Raszyn radio station operated on similar frequency but had far less power than the station in G±bin.

The conclusion of the letter is as follows:

Apart from the reasons for rebuilding the long- wave radio station in G±bin, it should be stated unequivocally that such object is highlv anti-ecological and is an environmental pollution source. At the extreme it deserves to be called an "invisible killer".

Stanisław Zubek
Kraków, February 7, 1995

Tadeusz Borkowski, "Big is harmful" - a letter to the editor in: Gazeta Polska from 15th December, 1994, p. 6.

reprinted from Zielone Brygady 3/95

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