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An oak called "Świętopełk" grows in Krępkowice in village district of Cewice, province of Słupsk. Its age has been under lively discussion lately. Mr Józef Popiel, an engineer and forest inspector in Cewice, has contacted the author of "The Oldest Trees in Poland", Dr Cezary Pacyniak from Academy of Agriculture in Poznań.

The scientist conducted detailed research and took samples by boring into the core with a special Presler corer. As a result he stated that the aged oak in Krępkowice is the sixth oldest oak in Poland. It is 621 years old, measures 770cm round its girth and its height is 20m.

The older ones are

According to Józef Popiel, the area around the oak is kept in good condition, the fence around the oak will be improved in spring, access to the oak will be marked and an information board will be installed. Besides, efforts are being made to publish a guide about Cewiny forest inspectorate with a special part dedicated to "Świętopełk".

Bernard Konarski, BSc
Rzemieślnicza 10d/6, 75-243 Koszalin
reprinted from Zielone Brygady 3/95

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