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In the article above Staszek Zubek described a small and victorious battle to save the forest near Mokry Staw in Babia Góra. The battle was conducted and won by Mr Szczurek, a ranger, Mr Midowicz, the manager of the mountain hut and Professor Szafer. When you compare Professor Szafer’s attitude with the attitude of some present experts, who occupy "green" posts, conclusions can be drawn easily. By the way, Professor Szafer was one of the first Polish eco-protesters.

It was the Polish Academy of Skills (PAU - Polska Akademia Umiejetno¶ci) who wanted to cut down the forest. Now some other facts connected with the "scientific" activities of PAU should be brought to light. The attempt to cut down the forest near Mokry Staw was not the only crime perpetrated by that institution.

The rocky top of Babia Góra

In 1924 the PAU had the primeval forest in Suchy Groń cut down. The area is situated below a popular mountain hut in Markowe Szczawiny. In 1929 and 1932 there was another PAU victim in the eastern part of Knieja Czatożańska, which is the western part of the present park.

Obviously,the PAU was not the only aggressor who tried to destroy Babia Góra, but more could be expected from an institution like this. Those who visit Babia Góra today can easily distinguish between natural mountain forest and the forest which was planted after the clear cut.

Tomasz Poller
the map below by the author

reprinted from Zielone Brygady 2/95


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