GB No. 2(17)/95


Several times in recent years there have been efforts to start a movement of ecologically-minded individuals and groups that will work together to help restore ecological balance and healthy living to Poland. Like the Solidarity movement, an independent Eco-Solidarity movement could do much for Poland and become a positive and inspiring example to the world as well.

"No one can stop an idea whose time has come". Perhaps now is the time to create such a movement. Eco-Solidarity will be based on the following ideals and principles:

  1. The desire to love and serve the entire creation is the strongest foundation for our ecological movement.
  2. All living beings are members of one cosmic family, having one cosmic father, the Supreme Consciousness, and one cosmic mother, the Supreme Creative Power. All living beings have come from that same Source and are moving together back to that same Source.
  3. The survival and all-round progress of humanity and other living beings is our first priority on this planet. Time is running out for effective ecological action.
  4. Ecological values (including human and spiritual values) are more important than material values.

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