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Babia Góra National Park was founded in 1955. The area of the Park is 1734 ha, of which 1061 ha are strictly protected. 91% of the area is taken by forests communities. In 1976 UNESCO recognized the Park as the world reserve of the biosphere.

The massif of Babia Góra built of magurski sandstone constitutes a separate ridge of the Beskid Wysoki. It runs evenly with a parallel of latitude for about 11 km, reaching a maximum height of 1725 m (the peak of Diablak).

Babia Góra has a regular 4 layer configuration of flora. Among 25 plant communities, one should mention the endemic group of calciphilous grass Saxifrago-Festucetum versicoloris babiogorense and the alpine dock Rumex alpinum, called "szczawiny" (the glade "Markowe Szczawiny").

The are about 700 species of vascular plants in the Park, including 70 alpine species and 54 legally protected species, here is the only place where laserwort Laserpitium archangelica and the alpine cerastium Cerastium alpinum can be found.

The fauna of the vertebrates comprises 166 species, including 2 species of fish, 6 species of amphibians, 5 species of reptiles, 115 species of birds, e.g. the wood grouse Tetrao urogallus, the black grouse Tetrao tetrix, the kestrel Falco tinuneulus, the raven Corvus corax, 38 species of mammals (the bear Ursus arctos, the wolf Canis lupus). The fauna of invertebrates comprises 2437 species, including over 30 endemic species e.g. Otiorhynchus obtusus, 1300 species of cockchafers e.g. the relict Pseudanophtalmus pilosellus stobieckii.

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