GB No. 4(19)/95


Our Ecological Club has been created in a primary school in Wałbrzych. We would like to come in contact with other similar organisations.

Recently new members joined our club. We have focused on the European Program of Monitoring Pollution: we examine water acidity, air pollution and check the presence of lichen on bark. Surprisingly, though Wałbrzych is a highly industrialised town, the results of the examination are promising.

Our club regularly collects money for planting flowers and trees on the ground of our school. We believe that every leaf brings new life to our planet, to every man. We would like to visit your beautiful town and your editorial office. We hope that one day our wish may fulfil.

Anna Kozak, Paulina Korczyńska,
Anna Chinczewska and Olga Skolak
The Ecological Club
Publiczna Szkoła Podstawowa im.St.Staszica nr 37
ul. Dunikowskiego 29
58-309 Wałbrzych

reprinted from Zielone Brygady 1/95
translated by M. Maciejewska

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