GB No. 4(19)/95


  1. The need for nuclear energy is a result of a wrong system of power consumption that does not allow to save it. Rational energy policy and proper changes in the way the present resources are used will eliminate the need for nuclear power.
  2. Nuclear energy means economic disaster. It is dangerous and uncertain. Development of alternative energy sources may create much more safe and stable jobs than the nuclear sector.
  3. There is a direct relation between nuclear power plants and the nuclear weapon. Also, the radioactive materials pose a constant threat to our life and freedom, as they can be stolen or used as a means of terrorism.
  4. The risk of nuclear energy cannot be tolerated: the radiation that causes cancer and genetic changes and radioactive wastes that poison rivers and oceans, which may lead to a global ecological catastrophe and which our future generations will inherit. No material goals, actual or fictitious, are not worth destruction of life on Earth brought about by the nuclear energy.

Having all the above in mind we, members of the Green Federation, state that we are against any undertakings aimed at development of nuclear energy - now and in future.

  1. Polish energy policy should take as its goal rational management of the existing energy sources and development of the alternative ones, accepted by local communities.
  2. The Polish government should clearly define its attitude towards nuclear power plants in the neighbouring countries, operational or under construction, that may be dangerous for the Polish society.

We declare to work in favour of the above aims in co-operation with other pro-environmental organisation, using all available necessary methods that stay in concord with the "non-violence" rule which is basic for our organisation.

We appeal to all people: join us.

the Green Federation
Ojców, 27. Sep. 1995

That's it, folks. Greeting to you and see you later.

Asia ¦lubowska
reprinted from Zielone Brygady 10/95
translated by M. Maciejewska

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