GB No. 4(19)/95


Dear Friends!

We, (members of the Anarchist Federation from Warsaw, Poland) would like to organize a network for the exchange of information/ideas in the region of Eastern/Central Europe. We would like to cooperate with different leftist, anarchist, autonomist and similar organizations from this region. The reason why we want to do this, is that we think our present cooperation is very small. We would like to see more coordinated, international actions co-organized by people from different cities and countries. Actions that would be organized in the same time in different countries could have a much greater influence then isolated ones. This actions could for example be demonstrations for the liberation of Greek anarchists unjustly imprisoned after last month's riots. This could be also some governmental decisions that we would oppose We would like our discussion list to be a forum on which we would discuss specific things that need to be done. We think that we can no longer learn about your demonstrations only from the media. We think it is necessary to make more coordinated actions. On the other hand we think that this discussion list shouldn't be the place of theoretical discussion, because there is not so many of us, and we know that it would only make more divisions between us. (This doesn't mean we think this kind of discussion to be worthless, but there is a lot of such discussion lists already) We would like this list to be the place of a constructive exchange between the largest possible number of persons and organizations. Also, we could make printed versions of the materials you would be sending to this list translated into the local language. (We think the language of this list should be English, because it would be really difficult to translate from one language to another all of the time) Our collaboration should be easy because of the similar economic and political realities in the countries of this region. This could also be a place where we could get to know each other better, and make some cultural, social exchange.

We are looking forward to your propositions.

We think this should be great!

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