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I am a student of the fourth form of a secondary school in Płock. My friends and me have formed a group "Orientacja Konieczna" (the Necessary Direction).

So far we have organised two actions against training of animals. The first one consisted in putting up posters which covered advertisements of the Zalewski Circus and distributing handbills during three days of the circus performances. In the second protest aimed at the Arena Circus 20-30 people took part. Also, we participated in organising a similar action in nearby G±bin.

There emerged some organisational weaknesses as it was our first big and serious action. We hope that in future we will manage better - we are discussing the problems with others.

We have initiated collecting signatures on the petition to the Town Council against letting circuses which use animals enter Płock. We are assisted in this case by Wiesław Kossakowski, a Member of Parliament from the Green Party.

Also, we are deeply interested in the problem of the Vistula, described in your periodical. Like you, we appreciate its beauty and we would like to lend our hands to its protection.

The Vistula in Płock has unique character: meandering, with many isles. Many birds nest here: heron, cormorant, swan. Recently, beavers appeared here. Unfortunately I have no opportunity to watch them. The area is perhaps the last spot in the vicinity of Płock where nature has almost remained untouched.

I live nearby, only 3 km away from the place and I spend most of my free time there. I can see that the gradual deterioration of the environment is alarming.

I tried to draw attention of the Town Council to illegal tree felling and garbage disposal. I was even decided to reveal names of the people responsible for this but my appeal met with no response. In the coming autumn farmers' onrush on the woods and meadows will certainly repeat.

Our group "OK" intend to promote the idea of protecting the Vistula but we lack relevant aids or materials. If you happen to have any, please, send us. They would be of great help in organising an action.

Furthermore, we would like to reach as many people as possible, through radio and press. We have already issued two articles and had interviews in the radio-program for the young. We are also interested in the problem of intolerance and neo-Nazism. We have managed to prepare two actions of handbill distributing and we regularly organise poster campaigns.

Our latest achievement is an action on the Crystal Night. In two marches under the banner of anti-racism hundreds of people took part: 10th November 1994 - 500-800 protesters, 11th November 1994 - about 300. The action was widely described in the local media.

As you can see, we try to do as much as we can but our main aim is opening people's hearts and minds. Even a few would be enough. We know we cannot change the world in one day but we do our best to do the first step.

It is only for a start. We talk with others, with students from our schools, hoping to make them aware of environmental problems. Young people are ready to listen, they only need an impulse to wake up from the stagnation and so far, we believe, we have manage to do this.

"Orientacja Konieczna" gathers many people and it is the only organisation of such a program in Płock. Please, send us any materials, brochures etc. as we need them very much. Thank you.

Marcin Kasprzak
ul. Gieżyńskiego 15/25
09-407 Płock

reprinted from Zielone Brygady 1/95
translated by M. Maciejewska

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