GB No. 4(19)/95


25-27 August, in the Ojców National Park, the 8th Green Federation (Federacja Zielonych) Congress took place. The weather was quite decent this time and, despite a few caprices, it did not disturb our meetings. During the Congress we were presented by people from the Sand Mine "Maczki-Bór" a complex no-incinerator system of municipal waste utilisation. Unfortunately, the leading anti-incineration campaigners did not turn up at the meeting. There was also a presentation by Mr Krzysztof Filcek from the American Peace Corps. We had several debates in groups and a great general one, concerning the sense and nonsense of the Green Federation's undertakings which, despite it was raining cats and dogs, led to certain changes in our "Anti-Statute" and to several decisions I discuss below.

In general: this year's Congress was attended by much less representations of regional GF groups than in the past years but the groups that arrived were well represented. The Congress was found interesting although there were some complaints about lack of organised entertainment and a long way to a seven-eleven shop. I hope that the positive evaluations were not only plain compliments.

I would like to thank all who came and all who helped. The Congress would not have been so well organised, if it had been organised at all, but for lots of people who lent their hands, and who I am not able to list here. I also thank those who wanted to pose tough or stupid questions to me - and refrained from doing so. All my love to you and now: facts.

"One of this year's decisions of the Green Federation Congress was to establish a group for GF reform. The decision was made only after a long and stormy discussion during which not only our ideological declaration was criticised (for being archaic), but also the Anti-Statute (for hindering efficient work of regional groups) and the present policy of GF (no information exchange, no co-ordination).

The participants found that they were not able to deal with all of the above problems during the Congress itself. Therefore the special reforming group was brought into being.

The goals of the group are:

(from the post-congress letter
from Leszek Michno)

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