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The Regional Centre for Sustainable Development (ROE) - was established at the end of November, 1993 at the University of Economics in Jelenia Góra, on the joint initiative of the academics and the Convention of Local Governments of Communes from Jelenia Góra Province. The Centre is engaged in education, research, and implementation of principles of sustainable development on a local and regional level.

The Centre's activities are supported by the Research - Programme Council. The structure of the Centre is made up of two laboratories:

REGIONAL CENTRE for ECO-EDUCATION - RCEE (educational laboratory).

It is a member of International Association for Eco-Education, seat in Giessen. RCEE collaborates also with other regional centres, constituting a national network of regional centres for eco-education, and ecological organisations in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

RCEE's objective is to develop the pro-ecological education (in its broad sense) of society.

Its main goals are:

RCEE's paramount programmes:


The Main tasks for this laboratory are:

Among research projects put forward by this laboratory, there are:

Our address:

The Regional Centre
for Sustainable Development (ROE)
58-500 Jelenia Góra
ul. Nowowiejska 3
tel./fax: 48/75/257 50, ext. 264 or 279

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