GB No. 2, summer 1990


Another ecological scandal! The full account is to be found in the article entitled "Concrete Decisions are Indispensable," which appeared in "Głos Szczeciński" (The Szczecin Voice) number 212, from the 10 - 11 September, 1989. According to this article, in the province of Szczecin the numbers of people suffering from cancer have recently increased, so much, that city hospitals have run short of beds. It has become necessary to rent rooms in hotels and to create extra wards in local hospitals, but even such measures have not been enough.

After reading the article, I contacted a doctor from the oncological hospital who, squinting sideways in fear (even though we live in the epoch of "Perestroika" and "Glasnost"), informed me, whispering, that the highest cancer rate in the country can be found in the regions of Karlino, Połczyn, and Drawsko, stretching as far as Koszalin and Stargard. Most likely, this wave of cancer cases is connected to the contamination of the soil in western Pomerania with caesium. This information was mentioned also by Professor Aleksandrowicz in the magazine "Eko," (no. 1/XII 1988.) One can only speculate as to how the radioactive caesium appeared in this area. Maybe as the consequence of damage to some warhead? Perhaps it escaped from the nuclear power plant situated in Lubmin, near Greifswald in East Germany. At the meeting of the Polish Association of the Friends of Earth Science, the members were informed that people in Denmark are very alarmed at the influence of this nuclear energy on the ground - water. Unfortunately, without the G-M meters of our own, we cannot make any definite statements about this.


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