GB No. 2, summer 1990


The question of Wapienica has developed unusually: the logging of the forest has stopped: "Pracownia na rzecz Wszystkich Istot" (Thę Workshop for All Beings) was commissioned (twice - by OKP - a parliamentary club of "Solidarity", and by the province government) to prepare information about, and later to manage this forest as well as all other forests in the province of Bielsko - Biała. There has also been a decision to forbid hunting. However, we do not want to trust the officials: therefore, we are video - taping the actions taken by them and publicizing this record in order to prevent any broken promises. Possibly we will establish a center there to serve as a base for deep - ecological work. Maybe we will also broadcast a local "Green" radio - station. Definitely in one month's time, the video material will consist of both extracts from foreign films and from the Workshop's own research. We want to produce this material not in order to promote ourselves, but simply in order to share our experiences and offer each other inspiration for defending the Mother Earth.

Janusz A. Korbel
ul. Magi 21/3, Bielsko-Biała

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