GB No. 2, summer 1990

The Congress of the Green Federation
Kościuszki, Poland
30th of June - 2nd of July 1989


We can see how a great variety of nations and communities around the world are searching for their own space under the sun and their own way of development accordingly to the natural sense of identity. They tear the borders of the states and blocks of states, they have been so far artificially divided or tightened by. We find this process to be healthy and beautiful. It brings about the possibility that horizontally diverse, selfgoverning human communities will be able to harmonically coexist with one another and with the Planet.

We are very concerned however, that this process is accompanied by so much hatred and blood shed in the name of nationalism, ideologies or religions. It is especially common recently in the decaying block of socialistic countries.

Therefore we send an appeal to all people that are struggling in the world around. So many years of unifying societies according to identical ideological and cultural patterns must have awaked your and our resistance. Too often those artificial and gigantic political organisms were maintained only by violence, by isolating people from one another, and by seeding mutual hostility so that it would be easier to rule the whole. Now it gives the results. That is why we ask you to stop killing one another. Long enough our and your hatred was manipulated. Protecting your identity respect the right of others to their peculiarity and their own identity. Only then you can expect similar attitudes from them.

Not a single the central power will then have a pretext to come with tanks and special police forces so as to introduce order between fighting units and protect peace using executions, police clubs, prisons and censorship.

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