GB No. 2, summer 1990


On the 27th of December, 1989 the Vice-Minister for Environmental Protction, Mr Henryk Słota, visited the site of the Czorsztyn dam and future reservoir lake. A group including local authority representatives (some of whom are responsible for environmental protection) and the Director of the Pieniny National Park met to allocate funds designated for environmental improvements in the Pieniny mountains. The Director of the Park succeeded in obtaining funds for new premises and staff for his own institution. The Minister's decision on this matter was supported by the local authorities.

In spite of any cultural considerations, it was arbitrarily decided that the most appropriate means of helping to conserve the Pieniny mountains was to create the position of Zoologist at the National Park. The work of this Zoologist however, will be more akin to the work of a gravedigger.

The local press published a routine, but misleading newspaper report by some obsequious journalist entitled "Coming to the rescue of the Pieniny mountains". A different title, illustrating the reverse situation would have been more appropriate, for instance "Last nail in the coffin of the Pieniny mountains". The article is full of phrases like "the Balaton lake of the Pieniny", and the author quite freely associates the ideas of the inevitable disappearance of around six thousand species of plant and animal life with the requirement of special protection for the Pieniny.

The Park's Director gave his assurance that "What is most precious will be protected". And the article ended on this positive note.

Last summer, WiP (Ruch "Wolność i Pokój" - "Freedom and Peace" Movement) painted the following slogan on the dam: "To the Nation from the Communists - as proof of their stupidity". Will we add anything this year? (But, of course! - look below the article.)

A large question mark stands over the future of the Pieniny mountains. It is not that officials and professionals are neglecting the problem. It's just that it would probably be better for all concerned if they did.

Marek Styczyński

The action of WiP and "Green Brigades" against the dam in Czorsztyn is going on. At the moment (July 19) 200 people are blocking the road leading to the dam. Your help and participation is very welcome.


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