GB No. 2, summer 1990



The Cracow Industrial Society brings together private businessmen, professional people and scholars who advocate a free market economy based on the principle ownership and competition. In 1984 well known philosopher, journalist and opposition leader, Dr Mirosław Dzielski introduced the idea of establishing the society whose objective world be to foster private businessmen, overcome bureaucratic barriers to free market progress, and to propagate the ethos of an honest and uncossubted entrepreneur. A lot of CIS members become later members of Mazowiecki's government: T. Syryjczyk - Minister of Industry, M. Kania - Deputy Minister of Industry, H. Woźniakowski - Director of the Government's Press Office. Now CIS works toward the transformation of Cracow into a European center for tourism and clean industry. Members of CIS understand, that ecological problems are likly to be eliminated only by economic growth, becouse it's impossible to pay many for environment protection (medicines, wholesome service etc.). That's the reason - we , in CIS, don't think, that we're against Green Party slogans. But, in fact we see the problem in economic, not moral size.

Our liberal point of view could be the best presents by the text of Dr Dzielski - about the environment protection - from his famous book (published also in VS by Basic Books Inc) "The Spirit of the Comoing Time".

"If the people world to establish the National Park, or sanctuary - I'm the last who shall forbid to do this. But I've to ask who is going to take responsibility for such decision or rather all decisions touching the environment protection problem. I thing that this responsibility has to be decentralized. Inhabitants of province, where the Park is going to be established should decide its size, forms of protection etc. Than only - for they self interest -they will really protect it. I be live, that they shall care about installation of strainers in the neighboring factories and shall limit exploation of the wood. I hope, quarts paged by them will protect cleaners of water and air, not turn out some raspberry pickers. Beancans the forest is not for elks and an rods, but for men".

Now we know yet, that Dzielski's words came true, and we can see decentralization all over our country. And we are glad, that these are some people, who are interested in ecological problems and are ready to work for protection of our natural environment. But we must remember, that only development of small industry can help us to improve our situation, also in this matter. We can not close all factories in Poland day by day, just bean cause they are poisonous. CIS works toward (for instance) transformation of Steel Works Nowa Huta into industrial park with hundred small, profitable and clean firms. We belive, that to be favor of clean air and water doesn't mean to be against civilization. If it does - we're in fact against it, 'cos it's enemy of Liberty.

Maciej Nowakowski
member of CIS

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