GB No. 2, summer 1990



The amounts of emitted dusts places the province of Radom on 9th position in the country and the amount of emitted gases on 6th. The allowed norms for dust fall-out are 250 tons/km per year. In Radom the fallout amounts to 366 tons/km per year.

The main sources of pollution are in the vicinity of Radom, Wierzbica, Kozienice and Pionki. Over 164 000 tons of dusts and fly - ashes and about 210 000 tons of gas impurities escape into atmosphere. About 92% of dusts are emitted by the power station "Kozienice" in ¦wierze Górne...

Within 2 years the amount of emitted gases has doubled and the pollution caused by dusts has increased by 80%. In the province there are 127 industrial plants adversely affecting air purity. The worst polluters are the power station "Kozienice", cement plant "Przyjażń" in Wierzbica and the ceramic tile factory in Skarżysko. The boiler - houses in Radom which emit about 5 000 tons of dusts every year also add the problem.

For years the problem of utilizing dusts from the Kozienice power station as well as the storing and removing of many pesticides have not be en solved. In 70% of cases these chemicals are highly toxic.

In 1977 21km of the rivers in the Radom province were classified as containing 1st class purity of water. In 1985 there was no such rivers. Similar negative changes took place in rivers with 2nd and 3rd class purity of water. There is rapid increase in the number of rivers with the lowest class of water purity, out of which 20%, i.e. 218.6 km ought to be considered open sewers. 45 million m of effluents pour into rivers every year. Only 19% are purified...

Out of 16 towns in the province of Radom, only 12 possess sewage systems and 5 have urban cleaning plants. The water in this region is contaminated with bacteria and organic compounds from city drains as well as pollutants from the agricultural - food manufacturing industries...

None of the 12 plants which for 10 years were exempted from paying fines so as they could use the time and money to build water - protection devices has constructed these objects.

It is not possible to omit the shoe factory "Radoskór", whose tannery unpurified effluents complete the industrial landscape of Radom.

Let are finish on an optimistic note, with the words of Radom's mayor who assures us: "initial work on the preparation to build an industrial cleaning plant at "Radoskór" is already in progress". Thus, it is going to change for the better...

Jacek Janowski
"Wolę Być" ("I prefer to be")

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