GB No. 2, summer 1990

Athanor - New age Center For Psycho-education And Psycho-biological Rejuvenation


Living in the turmoil and stress of modern civilization, Man has begun to realize how far he has strayed from his own source. Artificial barriers between nations, societies and individuals have resulted only in the incre-\A ase of global dissatisfaction.

Presently more and more people are trying to find new ways of living and to attain happiness through meditation and spiritual practices. They initiate ecological and peace movements, restore ancient religions. They learn to see each individual being as closely connected with the multidimensional vastness of the Universe and its eternal laws.

ATHANOR, the Polish New Age Center For Psycho-education And Psychobiological Rejuvenation was founded in 1974 and for eleven years acted in the "underground" - one of many other counter - culture organizations in Poland. Since 1982 it has been a legal organization cooperating with many people of goodwill, New Age Centers, ecological- and peace - movements. ATHANOR organizes courses, seminars and workshops - on meditation, natural medicine, holstic healing, massages, transpersonal psychology and cosmobiology. It also prints and distributes small brochures on many spiritual topics.

The members of Athanor follow di-\A fferent religions and have different professions as well as social positions. Yet all of them are linked by the same interests and devotion to spiritual and holstic subjects and higher ideals. They share an awareness of modern civilization's limitations in confrontation with the boundless potentiality of mind and spirit.

The most noteworthy event in the history of Athanor was organized in April 1988 - "THE WEEK OF WHOLENESS AND HEALING FOR LOVE, LIGHT AND LIFE" together with STU theatre and sponsored by AGNIN, a New Age center from West Germany. This international New Age festival gathered many teachers from the U.S.A. and West Germany like Baker Roshi, Rabbi Zalman Schachter, Jonathan Boyd, Brigitte Muller, Helmut Christoff, Keith Sherwood, Atum O Kane and others. The focal - point of the festival was the peace - meditation on the Wawel Hill with about one thousand participants. During the festival, the first Peace-pole of the Society of Prayer For World Peace was transmitted to be planted in Kraków.

Being aware that the only direction for our world's further development is Unity in Love and Light we are inviting you to join us in our work.

We want people to realize that there are no other masters of their lives and destinies except themselves.

We want people to start thinking creatively and not destructively.

We want people to learn how to stray in connection with Cosmic Energy and the Protectors of this Planet.

For their, your and our highest Good.

President of Athanor
Zbigniew Romański
P.O.BOX. 20
31-705 Kraków 60


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