GB No. 1(20)/96


Some time ago, in one of the issues of Zielone Brygady, I tried to prove that no wise idler would ever do so much harm to the Earth as hard-working idiots, stubbornly multiplying the number of unneeded thongs. Whoever reads this, please, look and find 10 commandments for an idler. As for me, I will certainly follow them.

The first step of the education is, having studied the 10 commandments, obtaining the title of Bone-Idler. Among old writings I found the forgotten rule of Bliss-Yoga that may appear helpful. Yoga, as everybody knows, leads to perfection and holiness. Let anybody practice Hatha Yoga, Raga Yoga etc. I will stick to the idea of Bliss Yoga.

The whole thing in a nutshell: it is the yoga of bliss. You cannot achieve holiness not having experienced the so-called holy state of bliss. Any man who wants to be Blessed first must learn about the State of Bliss. There exist many forms of Bliss and the exercises that allow one to accomplish them are rather easy. The basic thing is the pleasant state of being full in the stomach and the highest quality of the state (in my opinion at least) can be achieved by means of a properly prepared water melon.

Blissful calm is another stage. Only those who are free of the compulsion to work, workaholism, and are therefore filled with blessed inner peace, can hear birds singing, trees soughing, streams swashing or even the whisper of growing grass. This stage is hard to accomplish; an average city-dweller usually gets an oxygen shock and tries to save his life by crawling to the exhaust pipe of his car. Nonetheless, you cannot be discouraged: after several attempts even workaholics are able to lie idle on a glade for some time. The exercises described above can lead, after long practice, to the state of Blessed Bliss.

One who achieves this state is a blessing for others and himself. Well-wishing, peaceful, smiling radiantly. He will never develop the idea of joining the rat race to the abundance of material goods. He will never get excited with violence on TV. And he will never became one of the fools littering the Earth with their greed. A man who has made real progress in Bliss Yoga will know the secret language of birds, of any living creature. He will know where to look for the first primroses in spring; he will remain in constant Harmony with the Mother Earth and St Francis.

I tell you - Blessed are the full of Bliss.

Paweł Zawadzki


Excellent film director Andrzej Fidyk has made in Japan a film entitled Karoshi. The title word means death of exhaustion. In Japan app. 300 thousand people die that way! If only they would train in Bliss Yoga organised by Polish specialists! How many lives would have been spared! I wonder who will establish the first Bliss Yoga Centre and Workaholism Therapy in the world. I would be glad to work as a consultant for scientific matters. And the money of wealthy ex-workaholics can be spent on many important ecological initiatives.

reprinted from Zielone Brygady 4/96
translated by M. Maciejewska

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