GB No. 1(20)/96


In November 1995 the Town Council in Zgierz resolved to establish the partnership "Interselect" with the Italian firm CO.GE.S., an intermediary of another Italian company Thermoselect Srl. The aim of the partnership is to build a waste incineration plant.

The incinerator is to burn 150 thousand tons annually: hazardous and industrial waste is planned to make 60% of the total. As there is not a sufficient hazardous waste supply to be found in Zgierz, it is assumed that it will be brought from other places, probably even from all over Poland. photo 1

The investment costs, amounting to 191 million Mark, are to be covered by foreign credits as well as home finances: from funds for environmental protection as well as town budgets.

In relation to the above investment Greenpeace International alerted the Waste Prevention Association "3R" (Ogólnopolskie Towarzystwo Zagospodarowania Odpadów - OTZO) to the criminal activities of the Thermoselect company. According to the Public Prosecutor's Office in Verbania, Italy, where a Thermoselect pilot plant is located, and to the ecological organisation OPEN, Belgium, one can find that:

Bearing in mind all of the above facts, OTZO demands that the Zgierz Town Council shall give up the Thermoselect incinerator building plan and stop wasting public funds for the project that has not been thoroughly studied. Instead, actions aimed at implementing of environmentally-friendly methods of waste management should be initiated.


Paweł Głuszyński
translated by M. Maciejewska

Pictures come from the protest meeting against Thermoselect plant in Zgierz.

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