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GREEN BRIGADES - Ecologists' Paper

was founded in March, 1989, under the auspices of the Chemists' Scientific Club at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. The first issue came out in May of that year. Since then, 89 issues have been published in Polish and 21 in English. Currently, Green Brigades has a circulation of over 1,500 Polish and 500 English editions, which is quite large by Polish standards. It should be added that the editors do most of the work as a public service. The purpose of the paper continues to be

to facilitate information exchange between various groups active in the fields of ecology, wildlife conservation, environmental protection, animal rights, vegetarianism, and healthy lifestyles, regardless of any differences - political, religious, organizational, philosophical, generational, and the like.

Our materials are submitted, for the most part, by amateur environmentalists, and not by professional journalists. We believe that such an editorial policy stimulates environmental activity. We do not avoid topics like military service, facism, feminism, human rights, and others which are of interest to people who belong to or sympathize with so-called alternative movements. There are many different articles, commentaries, and discussions on subjects ranging from profound philosophical aspects of ecology to instructions on how to build a sun-cooker or a stork's nest. Of course, we do not forget to monitor the moves of "the enemy." In Green Brigades you will also find reports about the current activities and planned events of Polish organizations that take up environmental initiatives, because even most of the nation-wide environmental groups do not have their own bulletins. Green Brigades additionally serves as a channel of communication between the environmental movement and the institutions responsible for environmental protection. Green Brigades facilitates the exchange of information and viewpoints between all kinds of environmental "units," in the broad sense of the term, without any claim to being a "centre" of the environmental movement, or its integration, or unification.


In September 1995, the "Black Cat Info Center" was created in Słupsk. The center acts as an accommodation base for the "Social Activity" Collective (a section of the Polish Anarchist Federation and Polish Anarchist Federation Information Office) and "Friends of the Earth Association". The center consists of a fully equipped office, editorial computer set, ecological and liberatarian library, objector advice point, alternative book shop and a place for meetings, room concerts and exhibitions.

HELP US!! "Black Cat" has a chance to survive with the help of your materials and financial support. We ask for organizing benefit concerts, editing benefit cassettes, producing T-shirts and labels. We also accept individual gifts, publications, etc. which, when sold, will help support our activities. You can also help us build our library by sending free copies of magazines and books.


Contact "Black Cat" at:

Collective "Social Activity", P.O. Box 65, 76-200 Słupsk

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