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Wroclaw is the third place, after Cracow and Poznan, where one may obtain information and materials concerning the campaign in support of ecological transportation.


Mr. Tomasz Tatomir
Towarzystwo Naukowe Prawa Ochrony Orodowiska
The Society of The Law of Environmental Protection
ul. Komuny Paryskiej 20 - 28
50-451 Wrocław
tel.: 0-71/44-66-95, ext. 72
fax: 0-71/44-47-47, 328-44


The members of the City Council of Wilanów expressed their negative opinions concerning the construction of a highway in their community. Their reasons were the same as those in the campaign in support of ecological transportation. Antoni Pawlowski, a member of the Council, says, "We do not want to employ a practice ‘just away from us' (...). A highway would divide our community into two parts, violating it as it was historically created. The construction of a highway would decrease the value of areas destined for housing and break connections between palaces in Wilanów and Natolin."

"Zycie Warszawy" 13 Aug. '96.


The District Court in Cracow registered a Society of Bordering Housing Estates of the City of Cracow (SMOG), which brings together the inhabitants of housing estates endangered by the construction of highway A4. They have already started to perform activities aiming at the liquidation of construction lawlessness commited by the authorities of Cracow while building a stretch of a highway without permission. Feasts and sport competitions are to be organized there.

In a Katowice court, statutes of the Society of Inhabitants in Regard to the Route of the Highway (STOPA) await registration. Pickets are planned to be held in autumn. Polish "Greens", a local division of Polish Ecological Club, and the Regional Centre of Ecologic Education participate actively. Thanks for that! Kate and Ola - you have been really great!
photo 1
Urszula Paj±k (MP from Social-Democratic Party) - one of advocates of the alternative transport policy


Despite a violent storm, many inhabitants of Poznan came to a meeting devoted to activities aimed at objection to the construction of A2 highway, which will leave the town without water and deprive its inhabitants of any green areas. The gymnasium of a local school could not accomodate all who had come to the meeting. The atmosphere was very objective, which is typical for Wielkopolska. We reached an agreement to start organizing ourselves after the next meeting.


Katowice. Vice-President Boronski and Mr. Najdzien, both known to the readers of "Zielone Brygady", have suggested in the columns of "Dziennik Zachodni" that, while organizing the inhabitants of Katowice in protests against highways, we use the money of a highway lobby in Cracow which plans to get funds from the central budget. The authors call us "commandomen". We write a dementi and "Dziennik Zachodni" publishes it under the headline "The Voice of Commandomen". It is nice of them to have published the headline as well.
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Cracow - a letter to the Prime Minister. The members of the City Council sent a letter to Mr. Cimoszewicz, demanding the quick construction of a highway. We are going to remember it during elections to self-governing bodies on bordering territories. Together with cyclists and inhabitants we are sending a letter to the Prime Minister to allocate funds for the modification of railways and roads. The Chairman of The Polish Ecological Club refuses to sign the letter. We are sorry. However, almost simultaneously, the press informs us that there is no money for a highway. We are glad.

collected by Olaf Swolkień
reprinted from Zielone Brygady Nov. '96
transl. by Malgorzata Maciejewska

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