GB No. 3(22)/96


The Turnicki National Park, already designed and waiting for establishment 20 km from Przemysl, is intended to protect about 19 thousand ha of the Przemysl foothills. In its heart lies the so-called "arlamov state" - the governmental hunting center created in the 60's.

45% of the area is covered by natural mature forests of fir and beech, over 80 years old. They are inhabited by protected and unique species such as lynx, wildcat, wolf, black stork and eagles of the genus Aquila. Remaining relatively unsettled, the placed is of an extremely wild character.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Nature Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry, as well as the General Board of the State Forests will not issue their final permission for establishment of the park, justifying their decision as a lack of funds. They claim that nature can also be protected without a national park.


Bearing in mind the above facts, we appeal to all ecologists interested in the subject, journalists and all others to whom the idea of the National Parks is important: speak and write about the immediate need of the Turnicki National Park and join our campaign. We will not let another priceless natural place die!


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reprinted from Zielone Brygady, Sept. '96
transl. M. Maciejewska

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