GB No. 3, winter 1990/91


The whole problem started about 50 years ago, when some people developed their interest in tortoises which lived in the swamps near Rypin in the Włocławek region. Then, because of the lack of documents and decision of the authorities, this biological phenomenon developed into a problem. During the period of 50 years the main protector of the tortoise was Mr. Eugeniusz Kornatowski. He started to persuade the local people that this thing living in swamps is not "the Evil one", but a very interesting and valuable animal. It was easier to persuade the local people than to the bureaucratic authorities.

The problem gained importance once again when a new person took over the post of Regional Conservator of Nature - Mrs Maria Balakowicz. But the tortoise is facing greater dangers each day. It could be helped if someone built a kind of sand embankment where the tortoise might lay its eggs, or if the territory was fenced, in or- der to prevent the tortoise from wandering far away, in the period when it is looking for a place to lay the eggs. But the most important problem is that the tortoise hasn't been seen since 1988. The only time when it can be met is the end of June, when the tortoise is wandering across the fields in search of a good place to lay eggs.

During the Earth Day in Włocławek Mrs Balakowicz proposed to camp near the swamps for thee days in order to look for the tortoise. If you want to help us to preserve this animal, contact us at:

Ecological-Peaceful Movement
"I prefer to be"
c/o Jacek Polewski
Planty 37/21, 87-800 Włocławek
tel. 43-215

*) Kubu¶ is name given to first tortoise from the swamps near Rypin, which was caught and ezamined.

* * * * *

The first bivouac in search of Kubu¶ took place from 15th till 17th of June in Kowalki near Rypin. Unfortunately the tortoise didn't get out of the swamps, so the problem how to organize a reservation is still there. But the people from "I prefer to be" say they would continue the search during the next few weeks. (aż)

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