GB No. 3, winter 1990/91


The Ecological Library in Poznań was founded to allow people to solve ecological crises by making accessible the most important literature concerning ecology, protection of natural environment, health care etc. All this will serve Polish society in its att empt to solve ecological problems.

The Ecological Library functions within the Foundation and is supported by individuals, foundations, state and private firms in Poland and abroad. The books are listed and located in our library in Poznań. Certain books are distributed among other libraries in Poland and Eastern Europe.

The Ecological Library is cooperating with the most active social organizations, thus rendering our books accessible to the most influential parts of society.

The library has gone into partnership with Poznań University, enabling maximal use of its collection by its many students. Volunteers from the Polish Ecological Club, Biology Studies and Poznań high schools are cooperating with us on a constant basis.

The Library collects books and periodicals from 31 fields connected with protection of the natural environment, including medicine, energy, economy, agriculture, law sciences, business and environmental technologies. Book collecting campaigns are conducted in countries such as the United States, Great Britain, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Materials gathered by the Library are accessible to everyone on equal basis, without censorship or any previous selection. The Department of Data Compiling is doing its best to catalogue the materials and translate them into Polish.It also notifies the public that they have access to the library and publishes reviews of the books received. The Board of the Foundation and its employees take steps to make the collection safe and to create a suitable environment for using it.

Przemysław Biłozor
Head Librarian
Fundacja Biblioteka Ekologiczna
Kościuszki 79, 60-967 Poznań
tel. (48)61/524139

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