GB No. 3, winter 1990/91



66% of inspected agriculture wells at the Tarnów province water have been found as bad. At Lisia Góra 9 wells have been inspected, and all of them have been found with undrinkable water. At Żabno, and all around it is forbidden to drink water from 70% of wells. At the Żyraków commune the manganese content exceeds 10 times permissible standard in every third well. Nearly the same situation takes place at Pilsko commune. The reason of well's water pollution are sewage. Bon appetite!

* * *

Clouds of malice smoke flow from Tarnów's "Azoty" (chemical works). To minimize the factory's arduousness two-gradual protecting zone coves an 5202 ha area and including among other things 1/3 of Tarnów's area and 4 thousand ha of high class cultivated land have been settled at 1971. Meanwhile during seventeen years only isolating belts of greens have been created on 44 ha area, what is only 10% of follows from necessity of the properly bringing protecting zone into cultivation obligations.

Cultivations were not being modified, displacement of inhabitants were not being headed, and even a new houses have been built into the ecologically hazard zone. The Tarnów's "Azoty" works belongs to about 1300 works particularly arduous for environment.

* * *

40 mln cubic meters of crude municipal and industrial sewage flow to rivers of Tarnów province every year. No wonder, that in 70% of inspected rivers with total 526 km length, the cleanness condition went from bad to worse. There is no first class water at all, whereas only slender per cent of river has been placed into the second class.

* * *

The size of dust pollution on the area of 176 square km receives up to 1170 ton a year. The biggest concentration of dust pollution is found at Niepołomice, Dębica and Tarnów, where sulfur dioxide emission standard is exceeded because of Zakłady Mechaniczne (mechanical) works and glass works "Laura" emits six fold more floury then permissible standard.

* * *

Tarnów province have been numbered into 27 areas with big ecological threat.

* * *

At the fore front of the Tarnów's province biggest polluters black list are: Zakłady Azotowe (chemical works), Zakłady Tworzyw Sztucznych at Pustków (plastic works), Niedomickie Zakłady Celulozy (paper works) and Zakład Izolacji (isolation works) at Szczucin. Tarnów's and other cities's inhabitants breathe including a lot of pollutions air. Those pollutions include dusts and smokes from boiler houses, nitric, sulfur or lead oxides. Over 80 tons of dusts fall down every km of the center of the Tarnów city every year. Even worse situation is at the industrial district called "piaskówka", where 84 tons of dust have been registered by the measuring device.

That dust - fall amount on an year average 79 tons at Dębica, 76 tons at Bochnia, similarly at Brzesko, and over 80 tons at Niedomice. The permissible concentration of dust at Tarnów and other cites of province exceeds from 24 to 16 times standards.

Jacek Janowski
"I prefer to be" movement - Tarnów

ZB no. 4-5/89

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