GB No. 3, winter 1990/91


The huge sum of money which a mounts 35 billion zlotys taken from fees and penalties for poisoning the environment in Katowice province last last year would soon be sent to Warsaw instead of serving local inhabitants.

This is what Polish Seym decided on the 10 of May again about... further exploitation of Śląsk by the rest of the country. Indeed it was a small seven votes advantage but still it increases bitterness of 4 million inhabitants in this region, whose great shares in the country profits (abo- ut 25 percent) are the reason of money years' plunder of that territory and ignoring the basic interests of people vegetating there. Vegetating among the gas-dust clouds of poisons, dying too soon, even before the birth...

Tadeusz Wnuk, Katowice voivode (góvęrńór) opposed the decision of the previous Seym (Polish People's Republic!) taken in April 1989 and hadn't sent money yet. However the continua tion of the plundering methods from the past has been improved lately and a violation of the law is still a natural thing but, craftily, thanks to the personnel changes in the posts of authority. Surely courage and determination of "father of the poisoned" will be made an example of and he will be dismissed.

No one will prove that it will have connection with an insubordination in ecological - financial matter. Unfortunately the three senators here weren't able to change into the tree musketeers and strive equally effecti vely for treating this region in accordance with its value far Polish economy.

I see the future of Śląsk in black colours, almost no one in Poland knows its dramatic situation because almost everybody underwent the false image of the propaganda of success (Śląsk's el dorado!) and still the truth cannot reach them! For example the truth about 14 per cent children living here and suffering from plumbism, about 90 per cent complaining of catarrh of the upper air passages, almost 100 per cent having anemia, 15 per cent having injuries of the central nervous system caused by heavy metals.

In this region the highest rate of the idiopathic abortions, dead births and growing defects is registered, and so on, and so on...

Wanda Wolska,
ZB no. 7(13)/90

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