GB No. 3, winter 1990/91


and started to do what we had planned. In spite of apathy and resig- nation to fate.

From 24th of July till 6th of August 1989 Kluszkowce (closed to Czorsztyn) was a base for people from all over Poland. They went there to protest against the dam in Czorsztyn and, connected with it, the devastation of the Pieniny Mountains and Podhale Province. The action was strengthened by the Chemists' Scientific Club at the Jagiellonian University and the Freedom & Peace Movement (WiP). We were acting in the villages of Podhale and in Nowy Sącz. We began very shyly, through posters. This caused some discussion about us among the residents. Then our action moved into full - gear. From 29 of July till 3 of August we picketed in Niedzica, on the road to Nowe Maniowy, in Zakopane, Szczawnica, Nowy Sącz and Nowy Targ. We had the possibility of direct influence on the residents opinions. Anyone could speak through our loudspeaker. Even the supporters of the dam. Thanks to this we witnessed many fascinating discussions, such as in Nowy Targ, where it was very hot and we were only bringing microphone to the speakers. We were treated in different ways - like real enemies (as by the parish- priest in Nowe Maniowy) as well as like the best of friends (usually connected with our support like the Citizen's Committee in Nowy Targ or "Solidarity" in the "Podhale" Shoe Factory). The problem with the priest in Nowe Maniowy must be explained. We know, that he did very good work when the people from Maniowy were displaced. So we were very surprised when he refused our participation in the consecration mass of his new church.

The culmination point of the action was the manifestation close to the castle in Niedzica (at 6 of August). We were afraid of this day, and of our influence on public opinion. Perhaps not that many people would enjoy driving so many kilometers, on Sunday even, just to protest against some dam.

Fortunately all the people were then. We - the residents of the whole of Podhale Province; and even some unhappy fellows from the Security Forces. After we presented point of view and all arguments against the dam, and after the quests expressed what they wanted, we passed around this petition:

Czorsztyn - Niedzica, 6 Aug. 1989

To The Prime Minister of Poland

The Protest
in defense of Pieniny Mountains

The fight for the preservation of one of the most beautiful parts of Europe - The Pieniny Mountains - has continued for many years. The dam and the planned water - reservoir would mean - death for the Pieniny Mountains and wouldn't disappoint the hopes.


In the country, where there is no money for the basic needs of the so-\A ciety, where the environment is alrea-\A dy damaged, the devastation of Pieniny Mountains for only 97 MW of energy is a crime.

The participants
of the demonstration

(All of the participants signed beneath this text).

At the end of the action we arranged a small happening. The concrete blocs of the dam were unveiled as a monument graced with the following plaque:


But in fact this day was not the last one of our action. We're still collecting signatures for the petition. When we have enough of them, we'll give the petition to the Prime Minister. Regardless of who it might be.

If you want to help us, contact these people:

We can still preserve the Pieniny Mountains. We can still win this fight!

Wojtek Nitek
ZB no. 4-5/89

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