GB No. 3, winter 1990/91


I was walking along the streets of Zakopane with a loud speaker. "They promise us of mountains of gold while I choose green Zakopane" - I said. It was my suffrage campaign under the banner of "the protection of environment". There was also a meeting with the electors as well as lots of pos ters in the town. Street actions of information were held to present to the people our program - its text copied with a duplicator was given to them. In Zakopane's constituency number 19 - the idea of the protection of environment was bitten by the program presented by the candidate of the Civil Committee. Our means of persuading were to poor to min.

Zakopane is facing an ecological disaster owing to the frequent lack of water and its contamination, the awful state of air and soil and also same investment plans which threaten to the existence of the Tatra Mountains National Park. That is why the protec- tion of environment is so much needed. But that is not everything, the independence of the social environment also ought to be protected. It means that Zakopane must cease being dependent on Nowy Sącz administrative region. It was the former leader of the Communist Party, Edward Gierek who established the administrative division in which Zakopane is an object of harmful economy.

And the idea of the protection of environment is also closely connected with many fields of culture - but this way of reasoning (I mean putting hings in this way) has still very eak impact on citizens. Our ecologial program was voted on by 67 people. ight times more people voted for the epresentative of Civil Committee. Our ideas were overcome by the plans of building new ski-lifts and rope ways (which can carry 5 times more tourists en it is possible now). These plans show the possibility of the influx of lots of money. The idea of the "Mountains of Gold" overcome us, but we still choose "Green Zakopane".

Maciej Tuora
"Freedom & Peace" Movement
- Zakopane

ZB no. 8-9(14-15)/90

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