GB No. 4, spring 1991


After the Council of all Beings I felt sore and depressed. Beata warned me: You are going to contact a sick oeganism. If you truly participate in the Council, you feel exactly like the criticaly-ill Mother Earth. I felt this way... Waiting was a great experience... Something noved in me. A wall gave in This civizational plug, which locks all feelings inside, was released. It was a puryfing experience.

I have participated in several Councils all over Poland and there I have met people with different social backgrounds. There are two characteristics of the Council which I consider most important. First, it makes people look at themselves and at the world beyond the limitations of the anthropocentric worldview. Second, it creates opportunities to start groups, which aim at the salvation of Mother Earth.

At the Councils I have met all sorts of people. Some were members of well-organized groups and carried out many successful actions. Others, unable to express themselves at the outset, often found the strength and will inside to act later on. Many participants emphasized the significance of wailing and see it as the process which helps them connect with their own fears and anxieties.

Reports or documents, e.g. videorecordings, of direct actions seem essential to me. They show the Council as a part of the great whole, inseparable from other activities for saving the Earth. They also enhance the credibility of the leaders of the Council, who shows different types of activities which may appeal to different kinds of people. It is important, I think, to emphasize the connection between the intentions underlying direct actions and the meaning of the Council of All Beings, particularly in the case of those people who do not conduct daily spiritual practice or social activity.

I would also like to mention cooperation between groups. The parti-cipants in the Council are often mem-bers of different groups, e.g. reli-gious, which may have various princip-les and worldviews. The workshops create opportunities for such people to find common aims and, often enough, methods as well, which is beneficial for everybody. The duration of the Council is of particular importance. The different stages must be conducted in peace and without hurry, in accordance with the expectations of the participants informed in advance about the schedule of workshop. Here I have in mind the freshness of the experience. The informational noise relating to the Council is not beneficial to the participants.

" I walk along a stream. How many days have I been dancing in the crowd? Cars, people, I in my head rush back and fortf for the right cause. I squat near the water. Celebration, joy from my toes to the top of my head, and further on. Into infinity. It is a blessing to see living space, woods, the sky.

I remember, many years ago, I stod naked, insecure, in front os recruting board. Questions, answers, a growing feelings of certainty.
- Do you write poetry - a doctor looks straight into my eyes.
- I do.
- Tell us.
- There is a forest. In the forest, a river. In the river, a stone. The stone is my head crossed by the river... Who is the river? What is a stone? Everything is unity.

Doctor keeps silent, writing.
-You cannont go there.

The river, the stone saved me, and this certainly. That you. Tired, I am going to meet some young people. How many days have I been dancing in the crowd? Smiles the ecologist has come. Talks. The Council of All Beings. Silence. We return to the origins. Great Silence and under-standing. Each time we are a few more, saved by the river and the stone. When walking along a stram, do not think, open up. Yourself and the world, do not differentiate. How many may be saved? Where are the pieces inside and out-side us where we can see, hear, feel together with the surroundings?

Silence is gone. Purity is gone.

River, river , please help".

Jacek Bożek

  1. From a weekly "Przegląd tygodniowy" a April 22, 1990, "A letter to Jacek" by Joanna Osejda.
  2. Jacek Bożek, "Raport" nr 4, spring 1990.

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