GB No. 4, spring 1991


Cracow is famous for its monuments of art class O. But is not widely known that through this most famous of cities run 300-400 meters of international highway number E-22 which leads from Silesia to Lvov (Ukraine) and Zakopane in the Tatra-Mountains. A ring road far-away from the city (about 10 km) is still under construction but now there are no funds to complete it.

Within the boundary of Cracow many bus-lines, international motortransport (TIR lorries) and car traffic use this highway. Unregulated bus engines give off black clouds of combustion-gases. Inhabitants of buildings and users of public edifices (Jagiellonian University-Library, Academy of Agriculture, Academy of Arts, Steel -Mining Academy, Theological Seminary) situated along this highway are suffocated all day and night. The gases poison the whole quarter of Cracow and even the neighboring City.

The local authorities are absolutely uninterested in this state of affairs. These authorities beg the whole world for funds to rebuild Cracow and its monuments but they are very guilty of destroying the city and poisoning its inhabitants.

The city authorities claim as great attainment the restriction of motor-traffic in the main market-place and in adjoining streets. But they do not say that this traffic has moved 300-400 meters away! It should be pointed out that lead-free petrol is not available in Poland.

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