GB No. 4, spring 1991


Polish journalists and editors interested in ecology and the widely accepted "alternatives" are seeking both Polish and foreign partners to break an ecological magazine on to the soviet press market. Initially appearing irregularly but subsequently once a month, this magazine, the first of its kind in Russian, would be distributed postally to other Eastern European countries. The main target, however, would be the Soviet market.

Precedents already exist in Poland (the Polish company "Administracja i Bankowość" - 'Administration and Banking' publishes a Russian-language version of its "Gazeta Bankowa" - 'Banking Newspaper' from Warsaw, which is taken and distributed in large numbers in the Baltic Republics and Moscow; similarly "Komputer" appears in Russian). The immensity of the problem and the level of ecological consciousness of the situation in the USSR horrify Western observers, but there the idea of investment in environmental protection is a particularly enduring one; that is why we are counting on this soon to be presented idea to win us friends among ecologists as well as managers of ecological investment.

With a careful eye on the very specific and changeable press situation in the USSR as well as the potential interest in ecological problems in many republics, (often ecological awareness produces the need for concrete knowledge, information, facts presented in an intelligible manner, easily accessible and related to the realities of social and political situation in the country), we're looking for partners to create a magazine that is popular, universally available, issued in large numbers (min. 200 thousand copies per issue) generally showing ways to solve concrete ecological problems; but simultaneously not omitting the discussion of legal, economic and political barriers, and the unwillingness to co-operate by certain people or institutions. The magazine will be a conventionally Western one, like the Russian language versions already on the market; a magazine with fresh ideas and views from the inside.

This initiative comes from Warsaw, from Poland; we are fully aware of the huge ecological problems in the USSR, and know only too well the complicated internal social, political and economic situation so close to us. We are not turning to the West with information about ourselves, but we believe it is better to use our energy, activity and knowledge to help the weak and isolated soviet citizens, who face enormous problems, and the rebuilding of everything from the beginnings, there was no lack of ideas on protecting the environment.

We are open to any additional information and co-operation. With regard to the progress we have already made, it is time that is now the most significant thing.

Eryk Mistewicz The Editors "Ekopunk"
Konopnickiej 6, 00-491 Warszawa
fax: (48) (2) 694 24 64 EKOPUNK

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