GB No. 4, spring 1991


Situated in Beskid Sądecki Prehyba (vel Przehyba) mountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions - and a great favourite of locals - in the Southern region of Poland. It is the site of many tourist tracks (including the Eisenach-Budapest International Mountain Track of Friendship) originating in nearby country-towns famous for their healing micro-climate and mineral-springs (Szczawnica, Rytro, Piwniczna). It seems the local authorities should begin to make efforts to preserve this beautiful part of the country in its natural, unchanged form, primarily in order to retain its touristism value (which can be of great profits). Alas, Prehyba has become a popular spot not only for tourists but also for technocrats. On the summit of the mountain near a small mountain hut (one of the best in Poland) there is a TV-transmitter. However, it is a small building and the 30-meter-high mast add no charm to this place. Nonethless over one year ago it was decided to rebuild the existing transmitter. The chief designing firm, Zakład Radiokomunikacji i Teletransmisji (the Institute of Radiocommunication and Teletransmission) is already well known for many "successful" projects e.g. a TV-transmitter built in the heart of Świętokrzyski National Park!!!

The firm plans:

Reasons given for constructing the new TV-transmitter (ZRiT) include the need to improve the quality of TV-program reception and to create the conditions for telephony and radiocommunication. Of course, the project disregards the fact that Prehyba may be drastically transformed as a result of the above plans: one possible consequence of extending the access way the is total destruction of the Prehyba forest. Others include alternation of the hydro-geological factors that cause erosion, an increase in motor traffic and destruction of the natural beauty of the region. The effects of the strong electromagnetic field created by the TV-transmitter on flora, fauna and visitors to Prehyba are unknown.For over one year environmentalists have striven to save Prehyba. They have collected signatures on petitions against the project and have negotiated with ZRiT and Nowy Sącz' voivode, who are responsible for the latest decision. Unfortunately, the negotiations haven not contributed to any change in ZRiT's position. The workers and director of ZRiT don't want to be convinced of the validity of our arguments. They have claimed: "we are not interested in potency of hedgehogs (?!); the greens are insane and they act against the interests of the local community; there won't be any damage even though we won't pay for them if there are"...etc. No comment.

In order to expand and intensify the activities devoted to save Prehyba, environmentalists will organize a meeting of artists, musicians and journalists from all over Europe centered upon the idea of "The Way to Delphi" (from Denmark to Greece via Prehyba).

If you want to join us and help us, please write us with your protest, or send any information about the threat caused by the TV-transmitters to:

Marek Styczyński
Piastowska 5
33-300 Nowy Sącz
tel. 0-18/22816
(Workshop for all Beings)


Mariusz Waszkiewicz
Kazimierzowskie 18/111
31-841 Kraków
tel. 0-12/481089
(Guard of Natural Protection)

Paweł Głuszyński

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