GB No. 4, spring 1991

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Świnoujście is a very special town. It is situated on the Baltic coast on two islands - Wolin and Uznam - which are separated by the River Świna. The German border runs right through Uznam. Świnoujście is closer to Sweden than to Warsaw or Upper Silesia.

Environmental Problems in and around Świnoujście

  1. Water pollution in the River Oder, especially due to the large amounts of phosphorus from the "Police" Chemical Factory;
  2. Dust pollution from the cargo port "Świnoport III", which is equipped with efficient water protection and purification apparatus;
  3. The western edge of Świnoujście borders a municipal sewage treatment plant;
  4. It lacks an appropriately-situated rubbish dump;
  5. Pollution from various Soviet military installations in and around Świnoujście. For example: oil and petrol leakages from defective containers in the port, thoughtless disposal of harmful waste and so on. Ballast and bilge water is not changed at all? SHIP - SERVICE cannot enter the area without special permission from Warsaw and Moscow;
  6. During the tourist season an influx of cars is very polluting, especially to beach areas;
  7. Damage caused by the thoughtlessness of the army;
  8. Water pollution caused by "Morska Stocznia Remontowa" (a shipyard that repairs oceangoing vessels);
  9. Pollution caused by "Odra", a firm involved in the deep-sea fishing industry. This company is one of the worst offenders in the whole Szczecin district. There is a lack of protective equipment. SHIP-SERVICE are not permitted to collect waste from this area, even though its vessels are stationed close by;
  10. Agricultural pollution is a problem on the right bank of Świnoujście;
  11. Water pollution is caused by a locomotive garage in Świnoujście;
  12. Pollution originating in Eastern Germany, including radioactive waste from their nuclear power plants (the closest of which is situated 40-50 km from the border;
  13. Port waste; and
  14. Pollution caused by a military laundry (Grodek) in Świnoujście.

Problems and Results of Pollution

  1. There is a lack of good quality drinking water. It has been rumored that a water-supply pipe from Wolin is being installed;
  2. The ecological state of the Szczecin Inlet is worsening continually. The condition is similar to that of Gdańsk Bay in the early stages of its decline; and
  3. Rubbish disposal remains a problem - the amount of waste increases while no place exists to dispose it effectively.

Despite these numerous serious problems and the deterioration of the environment, the level of interest shown by the public and especially by the local authorities is very low.

The authorities claim to have no funds for environmental protection and people are afraid of losing their jobs, as competition is tough. The old "party" structure still exerts considerable influence.

In spite of this, I am slowly but surely managing to organize effective ecological action in Świnoujście.

Wojciech Baran "Bob"
"I prefer to be" movement

ZB 8 (2/90)
translation Elżbieta Nowak

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