GB No. 5-6, summer-fall 1991


I am writing to ask if it would be possible to receive from your institution some financial help in staging a ballet spectacle entitled Came and Let Me tell You Something which is now being prepared in the Children Ballet Studio BALERINKA. The forty-five minute spectacle conveys the story of the birth of the Earth, the sun, the stars and the nature, i.e., of our wonderful world which will disappear if people do not realize that they are the ones who damage it with air, water and soil pollution.

The spectacle's thesis is following: if we-both children and adults - finally understand that we are destroying our common "home", we will be able to stop the pollution and restore the environment to which we all belong.

The premiere, for which I have been preparing a group of 35 children since November 1990, is scheduled for the autumn of 1991. The performance requires professional setting, i.e.: theater stage; scenic effects such as mist, wind, etc.; lights; musical accompaniment; projection of a film in the background; costumes; scenery; printing of programs and posters.

The Children Ballet Studio BALERINKA was founded by my mother Zofia Mikosz-Maszyńska in 1963. Presently, there are 130 students in my school. Remembering my own wonderful childhood experience when I myself danced in ballet spectacles, I would like to give my students a chance to experience the excitement and wonder of performing on a "real" stage.

The realization of my project requires a considerable financial input which is beyond my means. If I am able to realize my plans of staging the spectacle, I will be happy to donate all the profits to charity. In Poland there are many sick children whose parents cannot afford expensive treatments operations. My healthy ballet students are willing to help them.

Yours sincerely,

Ewa Miedzinska
Artistic and Pedagogic Director

Balerinka - Children Ballet Studio
pl. Solny 18/19, 50-063 Wrocław

Bank account:
PKO III o/Wrocław 93536-202970-132

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