GB No. 5-6, summer-fall 1991


BRULION is a literary-cultural quarterly publication. It came at about that time when, for political reasons, independent publications could not be printed legally. Thus it was clandestine (so called second circulation) from 1987 to 1990. The year it became legal, BRULION gained the prestigious Association of Polish Journalists award "for building a forum for creators of alternative culture".

BRULION is an open publication, and its aim and basic is a creative penetration of all areas of reality. BRULION presents various standpoints on the subject of literature, culture, counterculture, ecology, feminism, politics etc. It is interested in a full spectre of recognizable fundaments towards the world.

From the very beginning the BRULION was a pluralistic publication, unconventional and shocking for traditionalists. It comes out regularly although its readers claim it to appear from time to time, and mostly during the winter months.

In all honesty brulion does not have its own place in the commonly recognized framework. It exploits beyond the boundaries, but not of good taste. It does not recognize cheap scandal, but scandals are dear to it.

For that reason the creator of (SUPER)BRULION hopes the collected texts, in this edition will lead the reader into a world of "outer-", "counter- " and "pseudo-". Until we meet, in this world.

Our address:

Kraków 61
P.O.Box 325
tel. 336166 (6)
Foreign Associates:
Manuela Gretkowska
tel. 48229057;
Krzysztof Winnicki
109 Milton Street, 2nd FL
New York 11222

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