GB No. 5-6, summer-fall 1991


Maps (p. 25) have been made according to the results obtained by prof. J. Szczypa from the Department of Radiochemistry of the University of Lublin. The samples taken from 70 places in Lublin County showed the various states of soil radioactivity, ranging from 3200 Bq/m2*) to about 25000 Bq/m2. The radioactivity of soil and plants are not proportional. The higher plants demonstrate smaller level of radioactivity (10-100 Bq/kg), then mosses and funguses (500-2000 Bq/kg).

These results show, that the processes of matter circulating in the environment are very complicated and difficult to predict. Strewing radioactive isotopes over huge areas in 1986 gave an opportunity to fascinating researches, similar to those conducted on animals or people for medical purposes. What a pity, that this chance (let's hope the last of that sort) was almost wasted by Polish scientists.

"Zielone Lustro" magazine 1/91
translation Sławomir Kołodyński
maps: Dariusz Sprawka

*) Bq (bequerel) - the unit of radioactivity. Milk is let to sale, when it has less than 470 Bq/kg.

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